LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 December 2018

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Los Angeles Times 9 December 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 December 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 8 for O, e.g.: ATNO

5 Quibbles: CARPS

10 "M*A*S*H" actor: ALDA

14 Like bachelor parties: STAG

18 Excel: SHINE

20 Autumn color: OCHRE

21 Tea party host: MARCHHARE

23 Pie company exec? PASTRYWHEEL

25 Bad brunch review? OMELETPAN

26 Find new quarters for: REHOUSE

27 Winter fall: FLAKES

29 Film units: REELS

30 Michelangelo masterpiece: PIETA

31 MSN competitor: AOL

32 Cooking fat: SUET

34 Guadalajara girls: NINAS

37 Neighborhood with meat purveyors? BUTCHERBLOCK

43 Air freshener scent: LILAC

46 Performed, in Shakespeare: DIDST

48 How surprise party guests should arrive: EARLY

49 Blanched: WAN

50 Yours, in Tours: ATOI

51 Doc bloc: AMA

52 Keisters: SEATS

54 "Momo" author Michael: ENDE

55 ATM code you rotate regularly? ROLLINGPIN

59 FICA benefit: SSI

60 Unit in Ohm's Law: AMPERE

62 Costa del __: SOL

63 Female antelope: DOE

64 Mellow: SOFTEN

66 Looked lecherously: LEERED

67 Suffix meaning "living substance": PLASM

69 Not yet on the sched.: TBA

70 Coast: GLIDE

72 Like many churches: SPIRED

75 Light: IGNITE

78 Adaptable truck, for short: UTE

79 "Bravo!": OLE

82 Barbershop parts: TENORS

83 Batman and the Boy Wonder, e.g.: DUO

84 Thief at a fertility clinic? EGGPOACHER

87 AA and AAA, e.g.: ORGS

88 Takes from a deck: DRAWS

90 "Do Ya" rock gp.: ELO

91 "I see": AHSO

92 Starry-eyed agreement, often: IDO

93 Area below the abdomen: GROIN

95 Leslie of "Gigi": CARON

97 Holders of roasts: SPITS

98 Nasty group of directors? CUTTINGBOARD

101 Like Dennis the Menace: PESKY

103 Part of Q.E.D.: ERAT

104 Bit of baby talk: GOO

105 Leg bone: TIBIA

108 Old will? SHALT

111 Work (out): REASON

114 Inflexible: ADAMANT

116 Stadium for a boxing match? PUNCHBOWL

118 Journalists covering a spicy story? GARLICPRESS

121 Wood preservatives: CREOSOTES

122 Farm refrain: EIEIO

123 Spock's father: SAREK

124 Firm employees: Abbr.: ATTS

125 Bone on a menu: OSSO

126 Some NCOs: SSGTS

127 Time at the inn: STAY


1 Cleopatra killer: ASP

2 Choreographer Twyla: THARP

3 Japanese-American: NISEI

4 Without delay, as payment: ONTHENAIL

5 Intimidates: COWS

6 Advil target: ACHE

7 MLB scoreboard abbr.: RHE

8 Homes built indoors: PREFABS

9 Traitors: SELLOUTS

10 Crazily: AMOK

11 Like a flimsy excuse: LAME

12 Backstage theater workers: DRESSERS

13 An MRI may reveal a torn one: ACL

14 "Fiddler on the Roof" setting: SHTETL

15 Bind, in a way: TAPE

16 Asian sea: ARAL

17 Mil. bigwigs: GENS

19 Arousing: EROTIC

22 As a result of this: HEREBY

24 Chinese currency: YUAN

28 __-rock: ALT

33 Modern address: URL

35 Commonly used saws: ADAGES

36 Gullible sort: SIMP

38 Cut out: CEASE

39 "You lose a lot of time, __ people": Marian Anderson: HATING

40 Dog tag datum: OWNER

41 Close-knit group: CADRE

42 Injured, in a way: KNEED

43 Drummer Ulrich: LARS

44 "Am __ late?": ITOO

45 Hang loosely: LOLL

47 Place for an honoree: DAIS

53 Collection of heir pieces? ESTATE

54 Blunt blade: EPEE

56 Do-nothing: IDLER

57 Wikipedia policy: NOADS

58 Words indicating a delay: NOTNOW

60 Thomas associate: ALITO

61 Euripides tragedy: MEDEA

65 "Criminal Minds" agcy.: FBI

67 Some Olympians, nowadays: PROS

68 Leaf's central vein: MIDRIB

71 Two-time Tony winner Patti: LUPONE

72 Zeno, notably: STOIC

73 Concealed: PERDU

74 Bullion unit: INGOT

76 Natural fertilizer: GUANO

77 Hungarian wine region: EGER

79 "I wasn't expecting you": OHHI

80 "__ we forget": LEST

81 God with a quiver: EROS

85 Hardly haute cuisine: GLOP

86 Large South American rodents: CAPYBARAS

88 Easy paces: DOGTROTS

89 Misers: SCROOGES

93 Saddle-holding bands: GIRTHS

94 Tiny messenger: RNA

96 Keats, in a Shelley title: ADONAIS

97 Economizes: SKIMPS

99 AT&T and Verizon: TELCOS

100 Dept. of Justice bigwigs: AGS

102 Opp. of legato, in music: STAC

106 Still: INERT

107 Baffled: ATSEA

108 Humane org.: SPCA

109 On the disabled list, say: HURT

110 Without __: riskily: ANET

112 Farm females: EWES

113 "Not to mention ... ": ALSO

114 Came down: ALIT

115 "Vaya con __": DIOS

117 Bit of heckling: BOO

119 "Andy Capp" cartoonist Smythe: REG

120 __ blue: SKY

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