LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Single-handed rebuke: SLAP

5 Shopping spot: MART

9 "Oh, dear": AHME

13 Won by __: AHAIR

14 Lotion additive: ALOE

15 Wheel's partner? DEAL

16 Tan cousin: BEIGE

17 *Core exercise starting from a lateral lying position: SIDEPLANK

19 Gave the nod: OKD

20 Aver: STATE

22 Rowing tool: OAR

23 Hung jury result, often: RETRIAL

25 With "The," '80s British rockers who gave their group "the most ordinary name": SMITHS

28 *Remote file-storage option: CLOUDBACKUP

31 Chit: IOU

32 Sargasso Sea spawner: EEL

33 "Baby back" morsel: RIB

34 Consider: DEEM

35 *"Balderdash!": HORSEFEATHERS

39 Balloon demise sounds: POPS

40 La-la preceder: TRA

41 Rapper __ Nas X: LIL

42 Java: JOE

43 *Hotel late-night meal source: ROOMSERVICE

48 Actress Meryl: STREEP

50 "Finally, it makes sense": ISEENOW

51 Director DuVernay: AVA

52 Page-bottom abbr.: CONTD

54 "Yabba dabba __!": DOO

55 At night ... and where the starts of the answers to starred clues can go: AFTERDARK

58 Like eta and zeta: GREEK

60 Unwelcome look: LEER

61 Fairy tale opener: ONCE

62 Car service choices: UBERS

63 Whirling current: EDDY

64 Sign of sadness, maybe: TEAR

65 Little drinks: NIPS


1 Israeli coin: SHEKEL

2 Stopped the ship by facing the wind: LAIDTO

3 Bailed-out insurance co.: AIG

4 Chairs a meeting: PRESIDES

5 Indian spice mix: MASALA

6 Landed: ALIT

7 Went by bike or horse: RODE

8 Start of a golf hole: TEE

9 '50s candidate Stevenson: ADLAI

10 More robust: HEARTIER

11 Outdated collective noun: MAN

12 Antlered bugler: ELK

13 Multiple choice choices: ABORC

18 Elgar's "__ and Circumstance Marches": POMP

21 Place for card games: TABLETOP

24 Ones with regrets: RUERS

25 Hardest to spot: SUBTLEST

26 Garden tools: HOES

27 Bottom line: SUM

29 Whipped __: CREAM

30 Sportage automaker: KIA

34 Probe (into): DELVE

35 Real riot: HOOT

36 Performed surgery: OPERATED

37 To and __: FRO

38 Mercenary: HIREDGUN

39 Nighties: PJS

43 Caboose's place: REAR

44 Pitch that curves downward: SINKER

45 Dangerously involved: INDEEP

46 Pigeons, e.g.: COOERS

47 Furry "Star Wars" creatures: EWOKS

49 __ so often: occasionally: EVERY

52 Candy shape: CANE

53 Killer whale: ORCA

55 Part of IPA: ALE

56 Central banking syst., with "the": FED

57 URL bit: DOT

59 Hitter's stat: RBI

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