LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 February 2017

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Los Angeles Times 9 February 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 February 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Subj. for a non-native speaker: ESL

4 __-top: Beatles' style: MOP

7 Much of "Star Wars" FX: CGI

10 Clumsy type: OAF

13 __ Michele, 8-Down co-star: LEA

14 "The Princess Diaries" princess: MIA

15 Tetris shape: ELL

16 Sporty truck, briefly: UTE

17 War film with a cast of 60-Across? APOCALYPSELATER

21 "Rock and Roll All __": Kiss hit: NITE

22 Reckon: SPOSE

23 Custardy dessert: FLAN

24 Thrown for a loop: DAZED

26 Cool, once: HEP

27 Campus groups: FRATS

28 Newspaper with a staff of 60-Across? USATOMORROW

31 Dough for ramen? YEN

32 Square __: ONE

33 Traveler's aid: VEHICLE

37 "Hamlet, thou art slain" speaker: LAERTES

42 Political __: ARENA

43 Big name in big tractors: DEERE

44 1969 hit song by a group of 60-Across? NEXTMAGICMOMENT

50 Write in code? PROGRAM

51 Actress Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy": SARA

55 __ d'Alene: COEUR

56 Mideast sultanate: OMAN

60 Off-putting sorts? PROCRASTINATORS

63 Pie choice: ALAMODE

64 Like bread knives: SERRATE

65 Well-to-do: MONEYED

66 Unpredictable: ERRATIC


1 Twisty-horned antelope: ELAND

2 Photo app effect: SEPIA

3 Founder of Taoism: LAOTZU

4 Sport for Ronda Rousey, for short: MMA

5 Aromatherapy array: OILS

6 Outmoded public convenience: PAYPHONE

7 Center of moral corruption: CESSPOOL

8 TV show with mashups: GLEE

9 Down with something: ILL

10 Wanted one: OUTLAW

11 Bothered a lot: ATEAT

12 Fronded plants: FERNS

18 Mediocre marks: CEES

19 Sonnet, e.g.: POEM

20 Do maintained with a pick: AFRO

25 Kids' summer activity: DAYCAMP

27 "Another word for nothin' left to lose," in a Joplin hit: FREEDOM

29 __ Aviv: TEL

30 Genetic messenger molecule: RNA

33 The Scooby gang's Mystery Machine, e.g.: VAN

34 Ode preposition: ERE

35 Spell: HEX

36 QB's mishap: INT

38 Dream state letters: REM

39 Technical foul signal, in basketball: TEE

40 West ender? ERN

41 Place: SET

45 Centipede home? ARCADE

46 Stimulated: GOOSED

47 "Oh, now __ it!": IGET

48 All-in-one vacation: CRUISE

49 Eliot's weaver: MARNER

51 Canned meat used in Hawaiian cuisine: SPAM

52 "The Good Dinosaur" dinosaur: ARLO

53 Reddish horse: ROAN

54 Source of cartoon explosives: ACME

56 Other, south of the border: OTRA

57 Castle defense: MOAT

58 Basic class with easels: ARTI

59 Tiny time pd.: NSEC

61 Siegfried collaborator: ROY

62 PDX info: Abbr.: ARR

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