LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 February 2019

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Los Angeles Times 9 February 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 February 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 In honor of: AFTER

6 Site with a Pill Identification Tool: WEBMD

11 Tried hard: STROVE

12 More substantial: MEATIER

14 Sea of Azov peninsula: CRIMEA

15 When many photos are taken: ATSUNSET

17 Some therapeutic applications: OILS

18 Didn't get in the way of: LETBE

20 Brand with an orange-and-yellow bull's-eye trademark: TIDE

21 Conversation on the go: WALKANDTALK

24 X or Z preceder: GEN

25 Stella Artois product: LAGER

26 Waiters stand in them: LINES

28 Product of sugar and heat: CARAMEL

31 Real go-getter: DYNAMO

32 Retrieved at an airport carousel: CLAIMED

33 Pet holdable in one hand: HAMSTER

34 Critical sounds: HISSES

35 Took turns: ROTATED

36 Energized: AMPED

37 Cleanser compound: BORAX

38 Saint, in Brazil: SAO

39 What you'd better have if you miss work: AGOODEXCUSE

45 Highest Italian peak south of the Alps: ETNA

47 Like yummy desserts, sooner or later: EATEN

48 Fit to serve: ONEA

49 Separate: DISCRETE

51 Metaphors, e.g.: TROPES

53 Homicide official: CORONER

54 Event associated with a blue moon: RARITY

55 Concrete-reinforcing rod: REBAR

56 Kind of question: YESNO


1 Heart chambers: ATRIA

2 Nonessential decoration: FRILL

3 Siberian industrial center: TOMSK

4 Big event lead-in: EVE

5 What John Wayne and Cary Grant weren't: REALNAMES

6 Dinner party amenity: WETBAR

7 Painter's aid: EASEL

8 A/C letters: BTU

9 Flavor that pairs well with chocolate: MINT

10 Appoint: DESIGNATE

11 Harbor hauler: SCOW

12 Brand on Barbie boxes: MATTEL

13 Cashed in: REDEEMED

16 Stretching muscle: TENSOR

19 Trimmed, in a way: EDGED

22 Bay Area city: ALAMEDA

23 Female R&B group with the '80s hit "I Miss You": KLYMAXX

27 MIT part: Abbr.: INST

28 Of concern to the Weather Channel: CLIMATIC

29 Twelve-step helper: AASPONSOR

30 Start the day: RISE

31 Requirement for statistical analysis: DATAENTRY

32 Tried to catch: CHASED

33 Massive group: HORDE

35 Fan: ROOTER

37 Flat-topped straw hat: BOATER

40 Davis with a recurring role on "Grey's Anatomy": GEENA

41 Denver's __ Field: COORS

42 Remove from the bulletin board: UNPIN

43 Take care of: SEETO

44 Unchallenging: EASY

46 A football field is about 32% larger than one: ACRE

50 Not take well: ROB

52 Female name that's a body part backwards: RAE

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