LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stand array: ZINES

6 Exams for aspiring MBAs: GMATS

11 Border: ABUT

15 Word with dance or union: HALL

19 Work as a team: UNITE

20 Draw a bead on: AIMAT

21 Old alphabet character: RUNE

22 Inter __: among others: ALIA

23 Chicken lover's comment? NOTHINGLIKEAGOODTHIGH

27 Most exceptional, in recent lingo: INSANEST

28 Relish: ENJOY

29 Afternoon service: TEASET

30 Not cluttered: NEAT

31 Race: GUN

32 Tannery tub: VAT

33 Cycle starter: TRI

34 What many writers work on: SPEC

37 Attains: REACHES

41 Gondoliers' tools: POLES

43 Denial from one with a very recent white mustache? LIEOVERSPILTMILK

46 Ant or Arkin: ADAM

50 Like much junk mail: UNREAD

51 Title words before Legend or Woman: IAM

52 Consume: EAT

53 "You __ Beautiful": Joe Cocker hit: ARESO

54 Roast job: MCING

55 Some notebooks: PCS

56 Reporter's query: WHEN

58 Decides one will: OPTSTO

59 Ewe, for one: SHE

60 Biblical prophet: AMOS

62 Local monastery VIP? THETOWNPRIOR

64 Air__, 2011 Southwest acquisition: TRAN

65 Chicago's __ Tower: SEARS

66 "Now, where __ we?": WERE

67 Bad do result? ADYEINGSHAME

71 Italian actress Virna: LISI

72 Submissions to an ed.: MSS

75 Big name in plastic explosives: SEMTEX

76 First name in folk: ARLO

77 Hwy. crime: DUI

78 Hogwarts potions master: SNAPE

80 Word before county, river or Bill: PECOS

81 Cincinnati-to-Detroit dir.: NNE

82 Japanese assent: HAI

83 "Turn! Turn! Turn!" songwriter: SEEGER

84 Hand measure: SPAN

85 Young shepherd resigned to losing his flock? BOYWHOSIGHEDWOLF

89 Resignee before Richard: SPIRO

91 More jumpy: ANTSIER

92 Camp equipment: COTS

93 Soccer star Hamm: MIA

96 N. American land: USA

97 82-Down's predecessor: FDR

98 Lawless role: XENA

100 Short __: little or no consideration: SHRIFT

102 Environs: AREAS

104 Drives out: BANISHES

108 Evita's exhortation to use sunscreen? DONTFRYFORMEARGENTINA

111 Aunt Bee's charge: OPIE

112 Boathouse items: OARS

113 Ancient: Pref.: PALEO

114 Rock-'n'-roller whom Forrest Gump supposedly met: ELVIS

115 Look as though: SEEM

116 Small amount: SPOT

117 Strict: STERN

118 Saxes, e.g.: REEDS


1 New Mexico native: ZUNI

2 Aware of: INON

3 Petty peeves: NITS

4 "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" co-director: ETHANCOEN

5 Paris divider: SEINE

6 Comic: GAGSTER

7 Jazz legend Jackson: MILT

8 Friend of Paris: AMI

9 Personal point of view: TAKE

10 "Casey at the Bat" autobiographer: STENGEL

11 Gas in some lasers: ARGON

12 Cheer (up): BUOY

13 108-card game: UNO

14 Roger Ebert gave one entitled "Remaking My Voice" in 2011: TEDTALK

15 "Funny not funny": HAHA

16 Sought-after guests: ALIST

17 Hybrid big cat: LIGER

18 "Swing Shift" actress Christine: LAHTI

24 Got warmer while searching for: NEARED

25 "... __, and a lasting peace": Lincoln: AJUST

26 Head of Qu├ębec: TETE

32 Electrical unit: VOLT

34 Jacob Riis concerns: SLUMS

35 Skosh: PINCH

36 Like typical King novels: EERIE

38 Reebok rival: ASICS

39 Pros with schedules: CPAS

40 That guy: HIM

41 Liszt's instrument: PIANO

42 "Being and Nothingness" philosopher: SARTRE

44 Unpredictable events: VAGARIES

45 Tournaments: MEETS

47 Bandleader Arnaz: DESI

48 Regarding: ASTO

49 Peaty land: MOOR

53 Kept in the know: APPRISED

55 Pioneering video game: PONG

56 Hacky Sack maker: WHAMO

57 Present: HERE

58 Change for a five: ONES

61 Tailless feline: MANX

62 Color named for a duck: TEAL

63 D-Day conflict: WWII

64 Jackson Hole backdrop: TETONS

65 Kate, pre-taming: SHREW

67 Dangerous biters: ASPS

68 Insightful: DEEP

69 Community pool site: YMCA

70 2009 Panasonic purchase: SANYO

71 Mario's brother: LUIGI

72 Myopic Mr.: MAGOO

73 Competed in a British bee: SPELT

74 Feudal workers: SERFS

77 Roast site: DAIS

79 English coal mining city: NEWCASTLE

81 Filmmaker Ephron: NORA

82 DDE's predecessor: HST

83 Unruffled: SERENE

85 Small bars: BISTROS

86 "Barry" star Bill: HADER

87 Merging places: ONRAMPS

88 Common nut shape: HEXAGON

90 Musical dragon loved by Little Jackie Paper: PUFF

93 Windows precursor: MSDOS

94 "That's my dream": IHOPE

95 Memorable links nickname: ARNIE

97 Put icing on: FROST

99 Bay Area NFLer: NINER

101 Bullet point, e.g.: ITEM

102 Curly do: AFRO

103 Dodge City, to Ford County: SEAT

104 Storied fox title: BRER

105 Honey site: HIVE

106 Writer Bagnold: ENID

107 Cause for a kid's grounding: SASS

109 Babble: YAP

110 Belgian or brown: ALE

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