LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 9 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kid lit elephant: BABAR

6 Lend support to: HELP

10 Outdoor sitting area: PORCH

15 Love: ADORE

16 Dunkable snack: OREO

17 Leave no trace of: ERASE

18 Feature that 4-Down lacks: SERIF

19 Prefix with type: LINO

20 Some pastries: TARTS

21 Measure used by navigators: NAUTICALMILE

24 *1977 Rod Stewart hit: HOTLEGS

26 *Difficult spot: HOTSEAT

29 NYSE debut: IPO

30 Versed in creative writing: LITERATE

33 Turkish title: AGA

34 Semester: TERM

36 Usually dramatic symphony ending: FINALE

37 "Miracle on 34th Street" hero Kringle: KRIS

38 More than unkind: CRUEL

40 Part of Batman's outfit: COWL

41 Owner's document: TITLE

42 Horse-drawn cab: HANSOM

44 Cuts needing stitches: GASHES

45 *Microwaveable turnovers: HOTPOCKETS

50 Not out: SAFE

53 Minor, as a sin: VENIAL

54 Twin Falls-to-Sioux Falls direction: EAST

58 Old Route 66 city: TULSA

60 Gets some sun: TANS

61 Army leader sometimes seen in a bunker? ARNIE

62 Crest box abbr.: ADA

63 Sat atop: RESTEDON

66 Bother: VEX

67 Wheel edge: RIM

68 Petitioner: CLAIMANT

69 Food store letters: IGA

70 Tip of a wing tip: TOE

71 Sexy '70s fad ... and where the answers to starred clues might be found? HOTPANTS

72 "__ MisŽrables": LES


1 Humanities degs.: BAS

2 Fruit drink suffix: ADE

3 1975 Springsteen hit: BORNTORUN

4 No-frills typeface: ARIAL

5 Fill 'er up ... again: REFUEL

6 Like mind-and-body medicine: HOLISTIC

7 __ the Red: ERIC

8 Horne of jazz: LENA

9 Shark's hangout: POOLHALL

10 Diminutive: PETITE

11 Postgrad tests: ORALS

12 Promethium's element class: RAREEARTH

13 Chicago hrs.: CST

14 Bulls and bucks: HES

22 "Yay, the weekend!": TGIF

23 Tiny bit of dust: MOTE

24 Snag: HITCH

25 Soap __: OPERA

27 Nimble: AGILE

28 Shocks, in a way: TASES

31 Brian of ambient music: ENO

32 Cold and rainy: RAW

35 Interacts well: MESHES

37 One fond of smooching: KISSER

39 Place to go in Gloucester: LOO

41 Bit of arm art: TAT

43 1981 cable debut: MTV

44 Pompadour need: GEL

46 Cared for a cat, say: PETSAT

47 How stock may be bought: ONATIP

48 Movie house: CINEMA

49 "The Big Chill" director: KASDAN

50 Maze word: START

51 Zoom meeting component: AUDIO

52 Lover: FLAME

55 Blacksmith's block: ANVIL

56 Lengthy assault: SIEGE

57 Where to find Katy and Austin: TEXAS

59 Part of a foot: ARCH

61 Colony members: ANTS

64 "Xanadu" rock gp.: ELO

65 Neighbor of N.Y. and Minn.: ONT

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