LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 January 2019

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Los Angeles Times 9 January 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 January 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fall sign: LIBRA

6 Medic: DOC

9 6-Across's "Pronto!": STAT

13 Keep clear of: AVOID

14 Sorta cousin: ISH

15 "Leaving on a Jet __": PLANE

16 *"Righto!": YOUBETCHA

18 "Nick of Time" singer Bonnie: RAITT

19 Enters the wrong area code, say: ERRS

20 *Big boss: HEADHONCHO

22 Unburdened (of): RID

23 "Mean Girls" screenwriter Tina: FEY

24 Coder's conditional construct: IFTHEN

25 Navy builder: SEABEE

27 Ink spot? TAT

29 Uses Google Hangouts, briefly: IMS

30 Apple's virtual assistant: SIRI

31 Lose one's shirt: GOBUST

34 *2005 Emma Thompson magical role: NANNYMCPHEE

37 Hurricanes and blizzards: STORMS

38 Enjoy, as benefits: REAP

40 Mauna __: KEA

43 Mattel product: TOY

44 Tippi of "The Birds": HEDREN

46 Parkway feature: ONRAMP

49 Spring sign: BUD

50 Con's opponent: PRO

51 *Cold-water salmon-like fish: ARCTICCHAR

54 Summer sign? PLUS

55 High-tech eye surgery: LASIK

56 Ultimate satisfaction, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: LASTLAUGH

58 Far from klutzy: AGILE

59 Refuge for very old couples? ARK

60 1973 Stones ballad: ANGIE

61 Dropped in the mail: SENT

62 Oui or hai: YES

63 Western flatlands: MESAS


1 Features of lasagna and tiramisu: LAYERS

2 They may be tickled: IVORIES

3 Late host of "Parts Unknown": BOURDAIN

4 Corduroy ridges: RIBS

5 Citrus suffix: ADE

6 Unpredictable: DICEY

7 Whistleblower-protecting org.: OSHA

8 Landlocked African nation: CHAD

9 Bias: SLANT

10 Meditative exercise regimen: TAICHI

11 Country music? ANTHEM

12 "Grand" mountains: TETONS

15 Duke VIP: PROF

17 "How do I love __?": Browning: THEE

21 Ask (for), as money: HITUP

23 Deceptive move: FEINT

26 Tops in a lingerie catalog: BRAS

27 "Pinball Wizard" show: TOMMY

28 Basic skills: ABCS

31 Greek lamb sandwich: GYRO

32 Rip to pieces: SHRED

33 Really annoyed, with "off": TEED

35 Unacceptable to some, for short: NOTPC

36 Protection from snorers: EARPLUGS

39 Italian city that hosts the annual Eurochocolate Festival: PERUGIA

40 Eucalyptus munchers: KOALAS

41 Really rile: ENRAGE

42 Inverse trig function: ARCSIN

44 Offended: HURT

45 Snacks: NOSHES

47 Not straight up: ATILT

48 Greenberg or Golic of sports-talk radio: MIKE

49 Catches some rays: BASKS

52 Potter's medium: CLAY

53 His nap cost him the race: HARE

54 Stained-glass piece: PANE

57 Felon's flight: LAM

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