LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Friends" catchphrase: HOWYOUDOIN

11 Auctioned wheels: REPO

15 Far from perfect: ERRORPRONE

16 European capital with more than 340 lakes: OSLO

17 Newspaper audience: READERSHIP

18 Convertible option: TTOP

19 City downriver from Las Cruces: ELPASO

20 Temporary fixes: STOPGAPS

22 Ctrl + I, in much software: Abbr.: ITAL

24 Draft pick: STOUT

25 Early product promotion with few details: TEASERAD

29 Summer hire, perhaps: INTERN

32 Cruise controls: HELMS

33 Piece maker? REESE

35 Vietnamese soup: PHO

36 Hawkish god: ARES

37 Light refractor: PRISM

38 Coagulate: CLOT

39 Show passes, informally: TIX

40 Secret meeting: TRYST

41 Vocation: TRADE

42 Living room piece: SETTEE

44 Factory equipment: MACHINES

46 19th-century English novelist Charles: READE

48 __ Jim: SLIM

49 Like a "pony" with limited skills: ONETRICK

52 Dyson alternatives: ORECKS

56 Beginning to call? ROBO

57 One may be part of a fresh start: CLEANSLATE

59 Knotted up, scorewise: EVEN

60 Campaign focus: TARGETAREA

61 Sources of furniture wood: OAKS

62 Relative of a fidget spinner: STRESSBALL


1 Present: HERE

2 Only unanimous Cy Young Award winner between Dwight and Randy: OREL

3 Finish (up): WRAP

4 "Always in motion is the future" and others: YODAISMS

5 Electra's brother: ORESTES

6 Hullabaloo: UPROAR

7 Oz and Howser: Abbr.: DRS

8 Sounds heard at an unveiling: OOHS

9 JFK and LBJ, e.g.: INITS

10 Relative priority in hiring: NEPOTISM

11 Some moonshine: ROTGUT

12 One may include large gifts: ESTATEPLAN

13 Ripple preceder: PLOP

14 Cry over spilt milk: OOPS

21 Corn bread: PONE

23 Jerry's "Seinfeld" co-creator: LARRY

25 "__ So Raven": 2000s sitcom: THATS

26 Like meeting one's doppelgänger, probably: EERIE

27 "I'm curious about everything--even things that don't interest me" speaker: ALEXTREBEK

28 Belief in a hands-off god: DEISM

30 __ Island: RHODE

31 Observes: NOTES

34 "Cmo __?": ESTAS

37 Forecasts: PREDICTS

38 Forensic analysis site: CRIMELAB

40 Berlin Wall Speech word: TEAR

41 Ardent desires: THIRSTS

43 Wyoming range: TETONS

45 "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs, e.g.: CLONES

47 Brilliance: ECLAT

49 Snack manufactured in 18 countries: OREO

50 Super star: NOVA

51 Broadway's Walter __ Theatre: KERR

53 "Flashdance... What a Feeling" singer: CARA

54 "Hooked on Classics" co.: KTEL

55 Navy __: SEAL

58 Mature: AGE

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