LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 January 2022

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Los Angeles Times 9 January 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 9 January 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Band with horns: CHICAGO

8 Some fits: SPASMS

14 "Or perhaps less": IFTHAT

20 Go on a rampage: RUNRIOT

21 November pardon recipient: TUIKEY

22 End of a sentence: PAROLE

23 Tournament pairings in Fort Wayne, Denver and Kennebunkport? INCOMEBIACKETS

25 Without delay: ATONCE

26 Personnel groups: STAFFS

27 A 20-sided one may be used in Dungeons & Dragons: DIE

28 Bit of Lab love: LICK

30 Pericles foe: CLEON

31 Hot Wheels item: TOYCAR

33 Regular observance in Bangor, St. Louis, Providence and Mobile? MEMORIALDAY

35 Grandpa Simpson: ABE

38 Cheering noise: RAH

39 Fill up: SATE

40 They may have EIKs: APTS

41 They may be uncut: GEMS

43 __ D’az de Vivar (El Cid): RODRIGO

46 Reddit Q&A sessions: AMAS

47 Bagel topping: LOX

50 Bread spread in Montgomery, Jefferson City and Fargo? ALMONDBUTTER

52 Showed the way: LED

53 "Murder, She Wrote" setting Cabot __: COVE

54 Formal topper: TIARA

55 Screenwriter James: AGEE

56 Fronts divide them: AIRMASSES

58 Cleave: HEW

59 Hilton rival: OMNI

61 Ancient Dead Sea kingdom: MOAB

64 Far less friendly: ICIER

65 "A Wrinkle in Time" director DuVernay: AVA

66 Tableware in Boston, South Bend, Baton Rouge and Bismarck? MAINLANDCHINA

70 Old draft org.: SSS

72 Amazon's sector: ETAIL

74 Did: APED

75 Base opposite: ACID

76 Cable station for 45 yrs.: SHO

77 "Shape of You" Grammy winner: EDSHEERAN

80 Moderate, with "up": EASE

82 Religion of Mecca: ISLAM

84 Some Kias: RIOS

85 Gadot of "Wonder Woman": GAL

86 What can capture Santa Barbara, Grand Forks and Boise? CANDIDCAMERA

89 Journalist Curry: ANN

90 Cry hard: BAWL

91 Pasta order: ALDENTE

92 Shoe part: HEEL

93 Route-finding app: WAZE

94 Writer Bombeck: ERMA

95 Contractor's no.: EST

97 Power-washing meas.: PSI

98 Olympiads in Little Rock, Fresno and Dover? ARCADEGAMES

102 Modesto Nuts' baseball level, historically: CLASSA

105 Tackle neighbor: GUARD

106 Giants manager Kapler: GABE

107 Orc, to an Elf: FOE

108 JFK's 109: PTBOAT

112 Name of six popes: ADRIAN

114 Traffic cone color in Quincy, Minot, Bentonville and Bloomington? MANDARINORANGE

117 Supply: SELLTO

118 Big Easy cuisine: CREOLE

119 Coffeehouse job: ROASTEI

120 Implored: PIAYED

121 Patronizing words, maybe: OKDEAR

122 Mountain wind: ALPHOIN


1 NFL analyst Collinsworth: CRIS

2 Track: HUNT

3 Atahualpa, e.g.: INCA

4 Lara of "Tomb Raider" games: CROFT

5 Try to achieve: AIMFOR

6 Homers, in baseball lingo: GOESYARD

7 Gambling initials: OTB

8 Part of a flight: STAIR

9 Purplish shade: PUCE

10 Target of Indy's quest: AIK

11 He-Man nemesis: SKELETOR

12 Relaxing bubble bath, say: METIME

13 Food service giant: SYSCO

14 Pub pick: IPA

15 Campaign funders: FATCATS

16 Online harassers: TROLLS

17 Worked to perfect: HONED

18 Big name in metal: ALCOA

19 Itsy-bitsy: TEENY

24 Food label fig.: IDA

29 "Seinfeld" doofus: KRAMER

32 Greek-style yogurt brand: CHOBANI

33 Old wizard: MAGE

34 Small tablet: IPADMINI

35 First name in mystery: AGATHA

36 Trusted: BELIEVEDIN

37 Hermione Granger portrayer: EMMAWATSON

39 Browsing blueprint: SITEMAP

42 Campus org.: SOR

44 Started eating: DUGIN

45 Hwy., e.g.: RTE

46 Clay became him: ALI

47 Worries too much (over): LOSESSLEEP

48 Evokes a "TMI," say: OVERSHARES

49 Strikes (out): XES

51 "Moonlight" actress Harris: NAOMIE

53 TV forensics letters: CSI

56 Easy as __: ABC

57 Maine coastal park: ACADIA

60 Feminist film-criticism subject: MALEGAZE

62 __-horse town: ONE

63 Riders, e.g.: ADDENDA

67 Office PC linkup: LAN

68 Invites over: HASIN

69 Summer quencher: ICEDTEA

71 Kenyan's neighbor: SOMALI

73 "I see" reactions: AHS

77 Important period: ERA

78 Caesar salad dressing ingredient: RAWEGG

79 Tie word: ALL

81 Gator's tail? ADE

83 Texter's "No way!": SMH

86 Lurched: CAREENED

87 Donation to the poor: ALMS

88 Corruption metaphor: CESSPOOL

90 Disappointing social outing: BADDATE

93 In a watchful way: WARILY

94 Head to sea: EMBARK

96 Sandal style: TSTRAP

98 Audibly shocked: AGASP

99 Less tactful: RUDEI

100 "Cheers" waitress: CARLA

101 Big name in transmission repair: AAMCO

102 Apple pie-making tool: CORER

103 Welcoming garland: LEI

104 Bring shame to: ABASH

107 FDR's Scottie: FALA

109 Not duped by: ONTO

110 New __: AGEI

111 Migratory seabird: TEIN

113 Quiet go-ahead: NOD

115 One looking for a buck? DOE

116 Food service trade org.: NRA

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