LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 9 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tampa NFLers: BUCS

5 Copier powder: TONER

10 Like much testimony: ORAL

14 Sundance Film Festival state: UTAH

15 Virtuosic piece: ETUDE

16 Document with an executor: WILL

17 Celeb's wheels: LIMO

18 Angry diner patron's decision: NOTIP

19 French Toaster Sticks brand: EGGO

20 *Hit the roof: BLOWONESTOP

23 Barn bale: HAY

24 Spring flower: IRIS

25 Turned to compost: ROTTED

27 Pretend to be: POSEAS

30 Word with call or ritual: MATING

32 Rudder's region: STERN

33 Religious faction: SECT

34 Ballet skirt: TUTU

37 Museum display: ART

38 *Goes on a winning streak: GETSHOT

41 Satisfied exhalations: AHS

42 Fictional terrier from Kansas: TOTO

44 Picture of health? XRAY

45 Kiddie-lit brutes: OGRES

47 "Famous potatoes" referred to in a license plate slogan: IDAHOS

49 Rubble-lifting machine: LOADER

50 Movie theater: CINEMA

52 __ bath: therapeutic soak: SITZ

53 Energy unit: ERG

54 Pretend to be wealthy, in old slang ... and a hint to words that end answers to starred clues: PUTONTHEDOG

60 Arnaz of early TV: DESI

62 Anwar of Egypt: SADAT

63 U2 lead singer: BONO

64 Sufficient, briefly: ENUF

65 Bike for a tyke: TRIKE

66 Shamu was one: ORCA

67 Rooms with recliners: DENS

68 Take the wheel: STEER

69 RR depot posting: SKED


1 Daffodil-to-be: BULB

2 Electric co., e.g.: UTIL

3 Covert ops garb: CAMO

4 More flamboyant: SHOWIER

5 Nadal's sport: TENNIS

6 Great Plains natives: OTOES

7 Tree-borne allergen sources: NUTS

8 Tweak, as text: EDIT

9 Work under, as a manager: REPORTTO

10 Have bills to pay: OWE

11 *Old Spice rival: RIGHTGUARD

12 Pool owner's concern: ALGAE

13 "Airplane!" actor Bridges: LLOYD

21 Indonesian ape: ORANG

22 Luau finger food: POI

26 Blowup letters: TNT

27 Natl. Merit Scholarship qualifying exam: PSAT

28 Other, in Oaxaca: OTRO

29 *Photogenic evening event: SETTINGSUN

30 Western plateaus: MESAS

31 Like overworked muscles: ACHY

33 Houston MLBer: STRO

35 You, quaintly: THEE

36 Cold War country: Abbr.: USSR

39 Drains of energy: EXHAUSTS

40 One in a comb row: TOOTH

43 Glorifying verse: ODE

46 Open-sided structures also called summerhouses: GAZEBOS

48 Sound system part: AMP

49 Leave a paper trail? LITTER

50 Formally gave up: CEDED

51 Goddess of peace: IRENE

52 Slithering reptile: SNAKE

55 Fruit pastry: TART

56 Drooling toon canine: ODIE

57 Nerdy sort: DORK

58 Back in the day: ONCE

59 Egg on: GOAD

61 "No __, ands or buts": IFS

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