LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Number system in Programming 101? BINARY

7 Tyler, the Creator work that won the 2019 Grammy for Best Rap Album: IGOR

11 NYSE news: IPO

14 Gets around: EVADES

15 __ colada: PINA

16 Golf scorecard word: PAR

17 Best Actress between Halle and Charlize: NICOLE

18 Late-day religious service: EVENSONG

20 *49ers Hall of Famer who was MVP of Super Bowl XXIII: JERRYRICE

22 Envelope-pushing: EDGY

23 Produit de la t�te: IDEE

24 Maze rodent: RAT

25 Writer Deighton: LEN

26 *Inactive sort: COUCHPOTATO

31 Bit of verbal derision: CATCALL

35 Like some patches: IRONON

36 Student, to a counselor: ADVISEE

37 Not empirically derived: APRIORI

38 Sequel title words: PARTII

39 Shows contempt for: SPITSAT

40 *One hard to fool: SMARTCOOKIE

43 __ tee: TOA

44 Newark-based insurer, on the NYSE: PRU

45 Musical note connector: SLUR

49 Leg bone: SHIN

51 *Head honcho: TOPBANANA

54 Rest stop facility: MENSROOM

57 Like much humor: IRONIC

58 Assn.: ORG

59 Sooty passage: FLUE

60 It has its pros and cons: DEBATE

61 Grill fuel: GAS

62 Diet that involves eating fat, cutting carbs, and avoiding the ends of the answers to the starred clues: KETO

63 Not so tough: EASIER


1 Scruffy film dog: BENJI

2 Like some college walls: IVIED

3 Mussel shell lining: NACRE

4 Absolutely flip for: ADORE

5 Bank (on): RELY

6 River of Flanders: YSER

7 Poison remedy: IPECAC

8 Donates, biblically: GIVETH

9 Unseparated: ONE

10 Bled or fled: RAN

11 Music players discontinued in 2017: IPODNANOS

12 Hunger twinge: PANG

13 Wild indulgence: ORGY

19 "Get this done": SEETOIT

21 "Who's better than me?!": IRULE

25 "Five Minutes" country singer Morgan: LORRIE

26 Small Spanish house: CASITA

27 Acid found in vegetable oil: OLEIC

28 Longstocking of kiddie lit: PIPPI

29 __ Bora: Afghan cave complex: TORA

30 "I'll get this done": ONIT

31 Baseball hats: CAPS

32 Cain raiser: ADAM

33 Nielsen concern: TVRATINGS

34 Thick-skinned yellow fruit: CITRONS

37 Invite to a balcony: ASKUP

41 Refuse to participate: OPTOUT

42 Words from a balcony: OROMEO

45 Ones looking down: SNOBS

46 Molokai neighbor: LANAI

47 Become 9-Down: UNITE

48 Slot car, for one: RACER

49 Urban portmanteau: SMOG

50 Greek goddess of marriage: HERA

52 Wait for: BIDE

53 Zone: AREA

55 '60s atty. general: RFK

56 Cheer for un gol: OLE

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