LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 July 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 July 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 July 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Motel arrival? ROACH

6 Amazed: WOWED

11 One of three in the opening scene of "Macbeth": HAG

14 The Jetsons' boy: ELROY

15 Saw: ADAGE

16 Radio host Shapiro: ARI

17 Clear for better viewing: DEFOG

18 River to the Caspian Sea: VOLGA

19 Zip: VIM

20 Longing at a dull lecture? (N.Y., Atlanta): LIBERTYDREAM

23 How J.Lo performs: INHEELS

26 Where flight attendants often work: AISLE

27 Declines to: DOESNT

28 Gated water channel: SLUICE

31 Humpty Dumpty-shaped: OVATE

32 Talented meteorologists? (Seattle, Las Vegas): STORMACES

35 WC: LAV

36 "Rappa Ternt Sanga" artist: TPAIN

37 Granola morsel: OAT

38 Lightning? (Chicago, L.A.): SKYSPARKS

41 Clerical home: MANSE

43 "See you later": BYEBYE

44 Hair-coloring style: DIPDYE

45 __ double: STUNT

47 Popular cider apple: WINESAP

48 Feature of a Roman god's boots? (Phoenix, Dallas): MERCURYWINGS

52 Plus: AND

53 Interminably: NOEND

54 Mario's brother: LUIGI

58 Employ: USE

59 "How about that!": ILLBE

60 Pillow stuffing: EIDER

61 __-Z: GEN

62 "The Gold-Bug" name: ALLAN

63 Took badly? STOLE


1 Great American Ball Park player: RED

2 FÅ“tbol cheer: OLE

3 Canine alert: ARF

4 Most suave: COOLEST

5 Keep-it-clean routine: HYGIENE

6 Ripple-patterned hairstyle: WAVES

7 Compost emanation: ODOR

8 Mickey's maker: WALT

9 Like quiche: EGGY

10 Something taken by an archer: DEADAIM

11 What hungry diners often do: HAVESECONDS

12 If you don't like it, you can go to Helvetica: ARIAL

13 Tot's "Mine!": GIMME

21 Three-ingredient sammie: BLT

22 Costa __: RICA

23 Beloved stars: IDOLS

24 Tennis ace Djokovic: NOVAK

25 Considerable load: HEAVYBURDEN

28 Investment: STAKE

29 Two-time Newbery Medal winner Lowry: LOIS

30 Buffet server: URN

32 Nimble: SPRY

33 GPA booster: EASYA

34 Expensive: STEEP

36 Generous pickup: TAB

39 Bring together: SYNC

40 Hanging basket bloomer: PETUNIA

41 Associates (with): MINGLES

42 Jungle film costume: APESUIT

44 Cacophony: DIN

45 "The Hobbit" dragon: SMAUG

46 Not cool at all: TENSE

47 Expand: WIDEN

49 Sushi prep verb: ROLL

50 Shout: YELL

51 Org. that includes each part of four puzzle answers: WNBA

55 Promising words: IDO

56 Dab that'll do your do: GEL

57 Dander: IRE

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