LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 June 2017

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Los Angeles Times 9 June 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 June 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dirt removal method: BATH

5 Like much religious music: CHORAL

11 Uncooked: RAW

14 It replaced the Cypriot pound: EURO

15 Go back: RENEGE

16 Stumble: ERR

17 Sports geek get-togethers? STATPARTIES

19 Gardening tool: HOE

20 Upper part: TOP

21 Keep an __: EYEON

22 Pesters online, in a way: SPAMS

24 Wall St. event: IPO

25 Halloween decoration? PAPERBAT

27 Western city named for a Suquamish chief: SEATTLE

31 Witness: SEE

32 Longhair cat's monotonous routine? PERSIANRUT

35 Throw: CAST

39 Early computer: ENIAC

40 Hound over a debt: DUN

41 Agile: LITHE

42 Group of two: DYAD

43 Last one left angrily carrying on? LONERANTER

45 Job ad abbr.: EOE

47 Feature of many negative reviews: SARCASM

48 Imperfection in a pointillist painting? STRAYDOT

53 Corp. leaders: MGT

54 Greets: HAILS

55 Feel around: GROPE

57 Printemps month: MAI

60 Addams family cousin: ITT


64 Tasseled hat: FEZ

65 Pair of ones? ELEVEN

66 Wary of: ONTO

67 Test: TRY

68 Fight against: RESIST

69 Essence ... and, read differently, a hint to six puzzle answers: GIST


1 Leading: BEST

2 Car: AUTO

3 Door in the floor: TRAP

4 Sweating, maybe: HOT

5 Tropical Rain Forest seller since 1993: CRAYOLA

6 "__ we go!": HERE

7 Leading: ONTOP

8 Spanish queen: REINA

9 Birthday count: AGE

10 Car user, maybe: LESSEE

11 Detox locale: REHAB

12 Draw from the oven: AROMA

13 Take forcibly: WREST

18 Digestive: PEPTIC

23 Administrative district: PRECINCT

24 Words spoken while shaking: ITSADEAL

26 Winter hrs. in Berkeley: PST

27 Went fast: SPED

28 Bitty: EENY

29 "Nessun dorma," e.g.: ARIA

30 Prefix with scope: ENDO

33 Race: RUN

34 Quelques-__: a few, in French: UNES

36 "__ boy!": ATTA

37 Females: SHES

38 Period: TERM

41 Like L vis-ˆ-vis XL, in some cases: LARGER

43 Set the pace: LED

44 Widespread: RAMPANT

46 Bivalve at a bar: OYSTER

48 Nine to five, e.g.: SHIFT

49 Spud: TATER

50 Posh: RITZY

51 Looks at in a bad way? OGLES

52 Rome's Fontana di __: TREVI

56 Is indebted to: OWES

57 Revealing attire: MINI

58 Social climbers? ANTS

59 "__ Rhythm": IGOT

62 Pub offering: ALE

63 Frothy quaff: NOG

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