LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 June 2018

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Los Angeles Times 9 June 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 June 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Exercise activity: SWIM

5 Foolish: DIPPY

10 Dance term literally meaning "thrown": JETE

14 Officer's verb: CITE

15 "That's so sweet!": OHYOU

16 Stylish energy: ELAN

17 Exec's hire, perhaps: ASST

18 Unlikely to become a decorator: COLORBLIND

20 post: RECAP

22 Theoretical parallel world access: PORTAL

23 Trip approx.: ETA

24 Debt securities: LIENS

26 Source of ancient wisdom: TORAH

30 In order to: SOTHAT

32 Muffin topper: PAT

34 Full-body animal costume: APE

35 Part of a gift that needs to be returned: CASSEROLEDISH

39 "I figured as much": WHATASURPRISE

40 Skeptical words: THISIGOTTASEE

41 It may look like a great deal: CON

42 It folds for easy storage: COT

43 Textron Aviation brand: CESSNA

46 __ touch: MAGIC

48 Bacon output: ESSAY

51 User-created video game alteration: MOD

52 River rat: NUTRIA

54 Take the edge off? ERODE

56 Kids may use them to make turkeys: HANDPRINTS

60 Wad embellishers: ONES

61 Skin-healing aid: ALOE

62 Get 'em all right: ACEIT

63 Good source of protein: MEAT

64 It followed a postwar boom: GENX

65 Noticeably bored: YAWNY

66 Ceremonial pile: PYRE


1 Halloween inevitabilities: SCARES

2 Not tricked by: WISETO

3 Comment about contagion: ITSCATCHING

4 Like a movie about filmmakers making a movie: META

5 Animated miner: DOC

6 Longing words: IHOPE

7 Aviation guide: PYLON

8 One unlikely to shake hands: POORSPORT

9 Nomadic shelter: YURT

10 Kraft Foods trademark: JELLO

11 Fan of the Bulldogs: ELI

12 Summer vacation "souvenir": TAN

13 Extreme: END

19 Dark background that makes a pitched baseball easier to see: BATTERSEYE

21 Party holder: PLASTICCUP

25 "We've got clearance": ITSAGO

27 Holds a benefit, say: RAISESMONEY

28 Basilica recess: APSE

29 Chuckle bit: HEH

31 PGA Tour Champions golfer Jay: HAAS

33 Wool source: ALPACA

36 Things few understand: ESOTERICA

37 Evidence of frequent travel: RUT

38 Injection molding inventory: DIES

39 Stop on the trail: WHOA

40 "Silent Sunday Nights" network: TCM

44 Affectionate turndown: NODEAR

45 Holiday hymn opener: ADESTE

47 Organize, in a way: INDEX

49 Strength: SINEW

50 Prom gown material: SATIN

53 Lunch __: TRAY

55 Easy win: ROMP

56 Witch: HAG

57 Maugham's "Cakes and __": ALE

58 Exclusion prefix: NON

59 Place for a mud bath: STY

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