LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Funny!": HAHA

5 Sea of Cortez peninsula, informally: BAJA

9 Some Apples: IMACS

14 Very much: ALOT

15 Employs: USES

16 Carne para un taco: POLLO

17 Worshipped object: IDOL

18 Chat leisurely: CHEWTHEFAT

20 Suffer a power outage: GODARK

22 Greek known for paradoxes: ZENO

23 They often pop up in windows: ADS

24 Appear to be: SEEM

26 Hagen of Broadway: UTA

28 Refrain from saying something unpleasant: BITEYOURTONGUE

35 Tennis replay: LET

36 Hotelier Helmsley and singer Lewis: LEONAS

37 Start of Hamlet's question: TOBE

38 Works at, as a trade: PLIES

40 Is able to: CAN

41 Fur tycoon: ASTOR

42 Second to __: unbeatable: NONE

43 Patrol vehicle: COPCAR

45 Lao Tzu's "way": TAO

46 Fall into a trap: SWALLOWTHEBAIT

49 Prefix with plus or pass: SUR

50 African antelope: ORYX

51 One more than bi-: TRI

54 U.S. Army E-3s: PFCS

57 Words spoken laterally? ASIDES

61 Have some humble pie: EATYOURHAT

64 Seep: OOZE

65 "Goldengirl" star Susan: ANTON

66 First-rate: AONE

67 "Look, amigo!": MIRA

68 Broadway composer Jule: STYNE

69 Lads: BOYS

70 ER "Hurry up!": STAT


1 Reagan secretary of state Alexander __: HAIG

2 Designer Gucci: ALDO

3 Car engine cover: HOOD

4 Finally: ATLAST

5 Ohio State athlete: BUCKEYE

6 Bat wood: ASH

7 "Oh, man!": JEEZ

8 "Even __ speak ... ": ASWE

9 Old Apple app for pics: IPHOTO

10 Homer's bartender: MOE

11 NATO alphabet "A": ALFA

12 Dressed: CLAD

13 Boozers: SOTS

19 Letter-shaped fasteners: TNUTS

21 Film units: REELS

25 Milk giver, in totspeak: MOOCOW

27 Busy crawlers: ANTS

28 "Look out __!": "Heads up!": BELOW

29 Memoir featuring Ike Turner: ITINA

30 Not appropriate: UNAPT

31 __ Cucamonga, California: RANCHO

32 Gangster dubbed "The Teflon Don": GOTTI

33 German WWII sub: UBOAT

34 Gateway Arch designer Saarinen: EERO

35 ICU caregivers: LPNS

39 Slender fish: EELS

41 Chain known for roast beef: ARBYS

43 Greek isle: CORFU

44 Fizzes up: AERATES

47 Patti who won a Tony as Evita: LUPONE

48 Math postulates: AXIOMS

51 Afternoon socials: TEAS

52 Go ballistic: RANT

53 __-bitty: ITTY

55 Complain like a shellfish? CRAB

56 "Begone!": SHOO

58 "Stop wasting time!": DOIT

59 "Fantastic Beasts" actor Miller: EZRA

60 Chair or sofa: SEAT

62 Partner of hither: YON

63 "__ questions?": ANY

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