LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 9 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fish feature: GILL

5 Sporty sunroof: TTOP

9 Impressionist's m├ętier: APERY

14 Mount between Pelion and Olympus: OSSA

15 Bat mitzvah dance: HORA

16 "__ Theme": "Doctor Zhivago" song: LARAS

17 Done in a comprehensive plan? BLANKETCOVERAGE

20 Primed: SET

21 Duffers' dreams: ACES

22 Gamer's game face: AVATAR

23 Criticize harshly: SLAM

24 Emailed a dupe to: CCED

25 Darth, before he turned to the Dark Side: ANAKIN

28 Postgrad challenge: ORALEXAM

32 Quarrel: RUNIN

33 Pit-__: heart sound: APAT

34 Target of annual shots: FLU

35 Tied up in a government program? CRIMEPREVENTION

39 Useful Scrabble tile: ESS

40 Fairy tale heavy: OGRE

41 Suez Canal ship: OILER

42 IBM's chess-playing computer: DEEPBLUE

45 To a greater degree: MORESO

46 Singer India.__: ARIE

47 Word with candy or sugar: CANE

48 Book with tablets: EXODUS

51 Candle holder: CAKE

52 The White Stripes, e.g.: DUO

55 Out in a classic sports car? FORDTHUNDERBIRD

58 Veil material: TULLE

59 Bolivia neighbor: PERU

60 "It follows that ... ": ERGO

61 Lid woes: STYES

62 Intervene, with "in": STEP

63 Some game: DEER


1 Scads: GOBS

2 Part of a chain: ISLE

3 Atty.-to-be's hurdle: LSAT

4 System of connected PCs: LAN

5 Lockup, in slang: THECAN

6 Carved symbol: TOTEM

7 "Warcraft" killers: ORCS

8 Kung __ chicken: PAO

9 British school test: ALEVEL

10 Annual Macy's tradition: PARADE

11 Q.E.D. word: ERAT

12 Indian music style: RAGA

13 North Sea feeder: YSER

18 Tigers Hall of Famer Al: KALINE

19 Move out: VACATE

23 1% alternative: SKIM

24 Have a jones for: CRAVE

25 Like football passes: ARCED

26 "Scrubs" extra: NURSE

27 Herbal flavor similar to licorice: ANISE

28 __ citato: in the work cited: OPERE

29 Case for Scully: XFILE

30 Leafy healers: ALOES

31 Canadian Alice with a Nobel Prize: MUNRO

33 Tell it to the judge: ARGUE

36 Refinement: POLISH

37 Lunchtime tryst: NOONER

38 Run out of gas: TIRE

43 Get the canoe going: PADDLE

44 Savages: BRUTES

45 Bury the hatchet: MAKEUP

47 Tight-knit group: CADRE

48 Young newts: EFTS

49 Cross off: XOUT

50 Alternative to de Gaulle: ORLY

51 Tech news site: CNET

52 Desperate: DIRE

53 Sugar craving, say: URGE

54 Wrinkled-nose cause: ODOR

56 Co. with brown trucks: UPS

57 Place to plant: BED

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