LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Seminary book: BIBLE

6 E-cigarette output: VAPOR

11 Media-monitoring org.: FCC

14 __-proof: easy to operate: IDIOT

15 How the cheese stands, in a kids' song: ALONE

16 "__ be in touch!": ILL

17 *Fruity ice cream treat: BANANASPLIT

19 Be litigious: SUE

20 Grandstand group: FANS

21 Cough syrup, e.g.: SOOTHER

23 Chad or Rob of movies: LOWE

26 Practical joke: GAG

28 Lacking a downside: NORISK

29 Immobile: INERT

31 Chafing result: RAWSKIN

33 Smart set member: MENSAN

35 "Great Leap Forward" Chinese leader: MAO

36 Storybook fiend: OGRE

39 Upside-down sleeper: BAT

40 Fixed, like the ends of the answers to starred clues: SEWEDUP

43 Put a jinx on: HEX

44 Messy roomie: SLOB

46 Nourished: FED

47 House speaker Nancy: PELOSI

49 Luggage tie-on: NAMETAG

52 Shops with slicers: DELIS

53 Gondolier, e.g.: BOATER

55 Deviate from a course, at sea: YAW

57 MASH shelter: TENT

58 Declares to be true: ATTESTS

60 Carpentry wedge: SHIM

62 Nautical pronoun: SHE

63 *Knock one out of the park: HITAHOMERUN

68 Afternoon social: TEA

69 Chopin piece: ETUDE

70 Marble mineral: AGATE

71 Write "mispell," say: ERR

72 "Jurassic Park" critters, briefly: DINOS

73 Well-known: NOTED


1 Highchair wear: BIB

2 Wash. neighbor: IDA

3 TSA checkpoint container: BIN

4 Shoes sans laces: LOAFERS

5 Sicilian volcano: ETNA

6 Seven Sisters college: VASSAR

7 Tyrolean peak: ALP

8 C-SPAN figures, informally: POLS

9 French crockful with a cheesy crust: ONIONSOUP

10 Captured back: RETOOK

11 *Place for rural anglers: FISHINGHOLE

12 Crossword hints: CLUES

13 Checkout worker: CLERK

18 "Life of Pi" director Lee: ANG

22 Common jazz combo: TRIO

23 Tree branches: LIMBS

24 Shaq of NBA fame: ONEAL

25 *Won 10 in a row, say: WENTONATEAR

27 2/2/20, for Super Bowl LIV: GAMEDAY

30 Many coll. lab instructors: TAS

32 Roll of bills: WAD

34 Egyptian queen in Tut's time: NEFERTITI

37 Amber, for one: RESIN

38 Be: EXIST

41 Like fresh nail polish: WET

42 __ XING: crosswalk sign: PED

45 Restrain, as one's breath: BATE

48 Captive's plea: LETMEGO

50 Worked together perfectly: MESHED

51 Serious cuts: GASHES

53 Keep moist, as turkey: BASTE

54 [none of the above]: OTHER

56 Grinch victim: WHO

59 Zap with a Taser: STUN

61 Somali-born model: IMAN

64 Pointless bother: ADO

65 Squeal on the mob: RAT

66 Rugged vehicle, for short: UTE

67 "Game of Thrones" patriarch Stark: NED

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