LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Water filter brand: BRITA

6 Voice below baritone: BASS

10 Major Web portal: MSN

13 Grows faint: FADES

14 Informal okay: UHHUH

16 "Now I get it!": OHO

17 Wind of 19-24 mph, on the Beaufort scale: FRESHBREEZE

19 Reservoir structure: DAM

20 Swimmer that may be furry: SEAL

21 Inlet, vis-ˆ-vis the sea: ARM

22 Classic Lanvin scent: ARPEGE

24 In addition: ALSO

26 Big name in bouillon cubes: KNORR

27 Japanese living art form: BONSAI

30 Iberian dance for two: FANDANGO

33 Summer on the Seine: ETE

34 Danes of "Homeland": CLAIRE

36 Kept the party hopping, briefly: DJED

37 Scenic road, maybe: BYWAY

39 Albuquerque sch.: UNM

40 Dahl who wrote "Fantastic Mr Fox": ROALD

41 Ready for business: OPEN

42 Present from birth: INNATE

44 Zen opening? ZEE

45 Pointy flags: PENNANTS

47 Sports coat: BLAZER

49 Full of chutzpah: GUTSY

50 States: SAYS

51 What a voter fills out: BALLOT

53 Golf scorecard word: PAR

54 Soybean product: TOFU

58 Gershwin brother: IRA

59 "The Hunger Games" trilogy, e.g.: NOVELSERIES

62 Light brown: TAN

63 Upright: ERECT

64 "Divine Comedy" poet: DANTE

65 Unlike the starts of this puzzle's four longest answers: OLD

66 Site for handmade gifts: ETSY

67 Little ones: TYKES


1 Inseparable pals, briefly: BFFS

2 Seldom spotted: RARE

3 Half-baked thought, perhaps: IDEA

4 Popular electric cars: TESLAS

5 Shade of gray: ASH

6 Grand Canyon pack animal: BURRO

7 "May I say something?": AHEM

8 The Beatles' "__ Loves You": SHE

9 Somers who played Chrissy on "Three's Company": SUZANNE

10 Genre for a John Lewis quartet: MODERNJAZZ

11 Layered hairstyle: SHAG

12 Bering Sea port: NOME

15 King in "Jesus Christ Superstar": HEROD

18 Thai cuisine herb: BASIL

23 Madrid museum: PRADO

25 Like some bridal dresses: LACY

26 Destiny: KARMA

27 Early form of 10-Down: BEBOP

28 Common blood group: OTYPE

29 Patriots' home: NEWENGLAND

30 Helsinki natives: FINNS

31 Hair salon application: GELEE

32 More unusual: ODDER

35 Mommy's sis: AUNTY

38 Invalidate: ANNUL

40 Depend (on): RELY

42 About to happen: INSTORE

43 Vintage ski lifts: TBARS

46 Make amends: ATONE

48 Off the right path: ASTRAY

50 Like sea water: SALTY

51 __-Honey: candy bar: BITO

52 Depleted Eurasian sea: ARAL

53 Push-up targets: PECS

55 Sow sound: OINK

56 Big celebration: FETE

57 Puts in the lineup: USES

60 Racetrack doc: VET

61 D.C. summer hrs.: EDT

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