LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 9 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Expand, as bread dough: RISE

5 Lift option: TBAR

9 Guard's order: HALT

13 Responsibility: ONUS

14 It borders It.: AUST

15 Crown-wearing literary elephant: BABAR

16 Work out like a hairdresser? PUMPUPTHEVOLUME

19 Time worth naming: ERA

20 Late time, in ads: NITE

21 Bills worth a hundo: CNOTES

22 Enjoy a La-Z-Boy: RECLINE

24 "Didn't hear you" interjections: EHS

25 A lot, to Auden: OFT

26 Mother of life, in Greek myth: GAIA

27 Needing to be settled: DUE

30 Work out like a bartender? LIFTYOURSPIRITS

35 Evidence of shortages, for short: IOUS

36 Catch, as a flick: SEE

37 __ menu: EDIT

38 Work out like a fine artist? SWEATTHEDETAILS

43 Good buddy: PAL

44 Little winged singer: WREN

45 Slice (off): LOP

46 Crew implement: OAR

47 Top-flight: CLASSIC

51 Training song in "Flashdance": MANIAC

55 Protagonist of the "Divergent" novels: TRIS

56 Exec with the purse strings: CFO

57 Work out like a stockbroker? EXERCISEOPTIONS

60 Be worthy of: MERIT

61 Cons' counterparts: PROS

62 Destine for failure: DOOM

63 Partner of ends: ODDS

64 Avonlea adoptee: ANNE

65 Numero dopo le sette: OTTO


1 Rodeo performer: ROPER

2 Accustom (to): INURE

3 Component of the spice blend za'atar: SUMAC

4 Medium ability: ESP

5 Take advantage of: TAPINTO

6 Raised landform: BUTTE

7 Tennis immortal: ASHE

8 U.S. __ 1, East Coast hwy.: RTE

9 Saintly symbol: HALO

10 Share a border with: ABUT

11 Tinseled fabric: LAME

12 Half of seis: TRES

15 Literally, "tray planting": BONSAI

17 Bring together: UNIFY

18 Parental control option: VCHIP

23 Much, casually: LOTSA

24 Relaxed: EASED

26 Golfer's target: GREEN

27 Gregorius of the Phillies: DIDI

28 Either of two Monopoly properties that can't be built on: Abbr.: UTIL

29 Ballpark figs.: ESTS

30 Have trouble with one's sisters? LISP

31 Where much of "Children of the Corn" was filmed: IOWA

32 Coal, for one: FUEL

33 Arena worker: USHER

34 Harvests: REAPS

39 Like many a Broadway musical: TWOACT

40 Bingham of "Baywatch": TRACI

41 Conic section: ELLIPSE

42 CanapŽ base, often: TOAST

47 Sing like Michael BublŽ: CROON

48 Slide (over): SCOOT

49 Otherwise: IFNOT

50 "Fun Fearless Female" mag: COSMO

51 Company message: MEMO

52 Cut: AXED

53 "__ alert!": NERD

54 Centenarian fashion icon Apfel: IRIS

55 Fork-tailed flier: TERN

58 Relaxing resort: SPA

59 Courtroom affirmation: IDO

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