LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 9 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Welcomed at the door: SAWIN

6 "Shame on you!": TSK

9 German trick-taking card game: SKAT

13 St. Teresa's town: AVILA

14 Use as a source: CITE

15 Egg on: URGE

16 Shade lighter than jade: KELLYGREEN

18 Reckless act instigator: DARE

19 Witty Bombeck: ERMA

20 Euros replaced them: LIRE

21 Buffoons: BOZOS

22 Target Field, e.g.: STADIUM

24 Nowhere near cool: DORKY

26 N.L. mascot whose head is a large baseball: MRMET

28 Cracks up: LAUGHS

31 Finnish telecommunications company: NOKIA

34 Lindsay of "Freaky Friday" (2003): LOHAN

36 Bud's partner: LOU

37 Exclude from the list: OMIT

38 Shrewd ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers: CAGEY

39 Creatures of habit? NUNS

40 Like Mars, visually: RED

41 Storybook elephant: BABAR

42 Sneaks a look: PEEKS

43 Points of view: ANGLES

45 Sleeping giant: SERTA

47 Actors memorize them: LINES

49 Riddle-ending question: WHATAMI

53 Chew out: SCOLD

55 "Now it makes sense": ISEE

57 One-named supermodel: IMAN

58 __ Scotia: NOVA

59 London co-creator of the International Plant Names Index: KEWGARDENS

61 Meryl's "it's Complicated" co-star: ALEC

62 Chevy subcompact: AVEO

63 Pasta tubes: PENNE

64 Skip a turn: PASS

65 Headed up: LED

66 Infuriated with: MADAT


1 Sushi bar brews: SAKES

2 Prevent: AVERT

3 Bedrock wife: WILMA

4 Words starting a confession: ILLADMIT

5 Lawmaker's rejection: NAY

6 22-Across level: TIER

7 Energetic mount: STEED

8 He's a doll: KEN

9 Numbers game: SUDOKU

10 Super-strong adhesive brand: KRAZYGLUE

11 Soil-related prefix: AGRO

12 Pro shop bagful: TEES

14 Forensics facility: CRIMELAB

17 Feeling blue: GLUM

21 Cereal component: BRAN

23 Nest egg letters: IRA

25 Big name in facial scrubs: OLAY

27 Forum robes: TOGAS

29 Traffic alert: HONK

30 Puzzle (out): SUSS

31 Screenwriter Ephron: NORA

32 It may be a bad sign: OMEN

33 Extreme care: KIDGLOVES

35 "Fasten your seatbelts": HEREWEGO

38 Violin protector: CASE

39 "Swell suggestion!": NEATIDEA

41 Calisthenics movement: BEND

42 After-school org.: PTA

44 Shrubs with lavender blooms: LILACS

46 Perlman of "Cheers": RHEA

48 Colander cousin: SIEVE

50 Change, as a motion: AMEND

51 Old Testament food: MANNA

52 Illustrator's close-up: INSET

53 Easy-peasy task: SNAP

54 Picnic soft drink: COLA

56 Neighbor of Nor.: SWED

59 __ Kan pet foods: KAL

60 Tach reading: RPM

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