LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 9 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Jacket whose earliest version was created for pilots: BOMBER

7 Saw the sites? SURFED

13 "The Conduct of Life" essayist: EMERSON

15 Players on the road: TROUPE

16 Place to park a whirlybird: HELISTOP

18 Even though: ALBEIT

19 More than is prudent: ONETOOMANY

21 If-then-__: programmer's construct: ELSE

22 Factor in club selection: LIE

23 Catches on the range: ROPES

24 Drilling org.: ROTC

25 First of a box set: DISCI

28 DVR button: REW

29 Crooked: ATILT

30 Privileged group: INNERCIRCLE

33 Sign of fall: SAGITTARIUS

34 Comedy of errors? BLOOPERREEL

35 "Speak up!": SAYIT

36 Some smoke detector batteries: AAS

37 Spruce (up): SPIFF

41 "Over here!": PSST

42 Groom carefully: PRIMP

44 Surly sort: CUR

45 Is in Spain? ESTA

46 Michigan national park: ISLEROYALE

49 Sat on a sill, perhaps: COOLED

51 Avoided a tag at: SLIDINTO

52 Minolta partner: KONICA

53 Boards with a jump: LEAPSON

54 Cunning: SNEAKY

55 V11 vacuums, e.g.: DYSONS


1 Take in: BEHOLD

2 1978 horror sequel: OMENII

3 Free-for-alls: MELEES

4 Many a theatre attendee: BRIT

5 Gulf Canada alternative: ESSO

6 Whirlybird part: ROTOR

7 Halts: STAYS

8 Business card letters: URL

9 "I Spy" actor: ROBERTCULP

10 They usually have higher flash points than kerosene: FUELOILS

11 Dispatch: EPISTLE

12 Discover: DETECT

14 Baby shampoo product line: NOMORETEARS

17 Auditors' follow them: PAPERTRAILS

20 Air freshener option: NEWCARSMELL

26 PBS cooking show hosted by Mary Ann Esposito: CIAOITALIA

27 Pricey bar: INGOT

29 Celestial ovine: ARIES

31 Pinch: NIP

32 More than displeasure: IRE

33 Singer at Woodstock with his "Family": SLYSTONE

34 Big wind: BASSOON

35 Iotas: SPECKS

38 "Just you watch!": ICANSO

39 Atlanta's county: FULTON

40 Trademarked halocarbon products: FREONS

42 March 14, mathematically: PIDAY

43 Asked too much: PRIED

47 Jazz singer Anita whose stage name is pig latin for a slang word for "money": ODAY

48 Performance anxiety: YIPS

50 Luther opponent Johann __: ECK

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