LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Tooth trouble: ACHE

5 Omar of "In Too Deep": EPPS

9 Place to exchange vows: ALTAR

14 Debit card reader opening: SLOT

15 Nasty: MEAN

16 Chili con __: CARNE

17 *Doctor's visit, back in the day: HOUSECALL

19 "Good grief!": EGADS

20 "The Tomorrow Show" host Tom: SNYDER

21 Many a psychedelic T-shirt: TIEDYE

22 Was in first place: LED

23 *Perry Mason's secretary: DELLASTREET

26 Takeoff ests.: ETDS

28 Bone-dry: SERE

29 Rehab symptoms, for short: DTS

30 Chemical relative: ISOMER

33 From the __: at the start: GETGO

36 Plea for divine guidance ... and hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues: GIVEMEASIGN

39 Golf gimme: TAPIN

40 Mama Cass __: ELLIOT

43 "Send help!" message: SOS

46 Brings to a close: ENDS

48 Beige look-alike: ECRU

49 *Rural station at which trains need to be flagged down: WHISTLESTOP

54 German "a": EIN

55 Fragrant compounds: ESTERS

56 Rise into view: EMERGE

58 Like many attics: DUSTY

59 *Expatriate American poet who was a WWII fascist collaborator: EZRAPOUND

62 Muse of poetry: ERATO

63 Dutch South African: BOER

64 Mega- or giga- unit: BYTE

65 New Jersey's __ Hall University: SETON

66 Mannerless one: BOOR

67 To be, in Latin: ESSE


1 Baseball bat wood: ASH

2 Coat-hanging places: CLOSETS

3 Elvis classic: HOUNDDOG

4 Website for artisans: ETSY

5 Show host: EMCEE

6 Oyster gems: PEARLS

7 Amigo: PAL

8 NBC's "Weekend Update" show: SNL

9 Nail the test: ACEIT

10 Popular beer: LAGER

11 Swapped: TRADED

12 "But still ... ": ANDYET

13 Turns back, as a clock: RESETS

18 Onetime Leno announcer Hall: EDD

21 Scary African fly: TSETSE

22 Island garland: LEI

24 Stories of the Loch Ness Monster, e.g.: LEGENDS

25 Side squared, for a square: AREA

27 Struck, old-style: SMIT

31 Actress Longoria: EVA

32 Drives back: REPELS

34 Hodges of the Dodgers: GIL

35 Eye wolfishly: OGLE

37 Coal site: MINE

38 They "finish last," per the title of Leo Durocher's autobiography: NICEGUYS

41 Points in the right direction: ORIENTS

42 Wine cask: TUN

43 Stockholm natives: SWEDES

44 "Yeah, right!": OHSURE

45 Occupies, as a desk: SITSAT

47 Sound investment? STEREO

50 Small squabble: SETTO

51 Check for fit: TRYON

52 Horoscope columnist Sydney: OMARR

53 Gusto: PEP

57 After-bath wear: ROBE

59 Tidal recession: EBB

60 Place to observe animals: ZOO

61 Actor Billy __ Williams: DEE

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