LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 9 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__: Ragnarok": 2017 superhero film: THOR

5 Mob boss: CAPO

9 Popular pudding brand: JELLO

14 Fit for harvesting: RIPE

15 Six-sided state: UTAH

16 Be of use to: AVAIL

17 Suitable for all __: game rating: AGES

18 Actress Petty: LORI

19 Event site: VENUE

20 December holiday mailing: CHRISTMASCARD

23 "__ do it": "Sorry": ICANT

24 Arthur with two Emmys and a Tony: BEA

25 CO winter hrs.: MST


33 Indian music style adopted by the Beatles: RAGA

37 "All in favor" vote: AYE

38 Undercover cops may wear them: WIRES

39 Flowerlike sea creature: ANEMONE

41 Airport kiosk printout: ETICKET

43 Prefix with state or net: INTER

44 __ Kippur: YOM

45 Former fast fliers: Abbr.: SSTS

46 Significant other: MAINSQUEEZE

50 Overnight option: INN

51 Pence and Harris: Abbr.: VPS

52 Letter after beta: GAMMA

57 Salad cruditŽs ... and a hint to each row of circled letters: SLICEDVEGGIES

62 "Piece of cake," e.g.: IDIOM

64 Diner sign element: NEON

65 Actor Guinness: ALEC

66 Patient no longer: FEDUP

67 Tyne of "Judging Amy": DALY

68 Fascinated by: INTO

69 Luge vehicles: SLEDS

70 Mex. miss: SRTA

71 Tree house: NEST


1 "Baywatch" actress Bingham: TRACI

2 Note for a soprano: HIGHC

3 Rossini work: OPERA

4 Varnish component: RESIN

5 Like many midnight movies: CULT

6 Quark place: ATOM

7 Sunday school story: PARABLE

8 "Yes, it's clear now": OHISEE

9 Morning cup: JAVA

10 At any point: EVER

11 Big Ben and the Golden Gate Bridge, e.g.: LANDMARKS

12 Greater N.Y. school: LIU

13 Bullring "Bravo!": OLE

21 NASDAQ buy: STK

22 Jeep or Jetta: CAR

26 Dangerous precipitation: SLEET

27 What the doctor ordered: TESTS

29 Golf commentator __ Baker-Finch: IAN

30 Bleaching agent: LYE

31 1910s conflict, briefly: WWI

32 Minute Maid drinks: HICS

33 Spider-Man films director: RAIMI

34 Kofi of the U.N.: ANNAN

35 Pick a lock, say: GETINSIDE

36 "__ to that!": AMEN

40 Surg. areas: ORS

41 Want-ad letters: EOE

42 Harvey Levin's online tabloid: TMZ

44 Sighed agreement: YESDEAR

47 Home shopper's channel: QVC

48 Flips: UPENDS

49 Silly Putty holder: EGG

53 "Let's take it from the top": AGAIN

54 Pooh creator: MILNE

55 Runs into: MEETS

56 Knotted neckwear: ASCOT

58 Overly bright, fashionwise: LOUD

59 Rascals: IMPS

60 Battery unit: VOLT

61 Irish New Ager: ENYA

62 They aren't sure things: IFS

63 Ctrl-Alt-__: DEL

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