LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Feat rarely but only accomplished from home: GRANDSLAM

10 Divisive element: WEDGE

15 Passing comment? HEREYOUGO

16 Ancient public space: AGORA

17 Uniform tone: OLIVEDRAB

18 "Gotcha": ROGER

19 Assent in Asturias: SISI

20 Ape: SIMIAN

22 Shooting technique: PAN

23 Immune system agent: TCELL

25 Low spot: DELL

26 "I __ a traveller ... ": Shelley's "Ozymandias": MET

27 Equivalent of some crying emojis: LOL

29 Cold front sites? IGLOOS

31 Claim: ALLEGE

34 Low on cash, say: STRAPPED

36 Penn of "Harold & Kumar" films: KAL

37 Like basset hounds: SADEYED

39 Thai language: LAO

40 Without question: ASAGIVEN

42 Eisenhower Era bombs? EDSELS

44 He collaborated with Rihanna in "Love the Way You Lie": EMINEM

45 Called before: NEE

46 Directed: RAN

47 Anjou relative: BOSC

50 Jump, maybe: REACT

54 Big name in luxury cars: BMW

55 Flower flow: NECTAR

57 Wet blanket: SNOW

58 Remoulade cousin: AIOLI

60 In quick succession: RAPIDFIRE

62 Move quickly: SCOOT

63 Imaginary axe: AIRGUITAR

64 Makes it better: HELPS

65 Shade on a field: TRASHTALK


1 Suddenly stop returning texts, say: GHOST

2 Car phone, for one: RELIC

3 Come up: ARISE

4 Renowned English conductor Sir __ Marriner: NEVILLE

5 Vat contents: DYE

6 Rolls out the green carpet on? SODS

7 Sensational: LURID

8 Best effort: AGAME

9 Upward __: MOBILITY

10 Bark or bite: WARN

11 __ massage: EGO

12 Lab lovers, e.g.: DOGPEOPLE

13 Image on a dollar bill: GREATSEAL

14 Bring in: EARN

21 Soul singer inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995: ALGREEN

24 Uses a password: LOGSIN

26 Cleaning tool: MOP

28 Do not disturb: LEAVEBE

30 Roofer's need: LADDER

31 Wanted letters: AKA

32 Logitech products: LASERMICE

33 Material for Quechua weavers: LLAMAWOOL

34 One out of 100: Abbr.: SEN

35 How-to list heading: DOS

38 Among presidents, Jackson was the first: DEMOCRAT

41 Boodles or Booth's: GIN

43 Deems proper: SEESFIT

48 Help in getting to the next level? STAIR

49 "It Happened One Night" director: CAPRA

51 Indian novelist Desai: ANITA

52 Reddish pink: CORAL

53 Dance provocatively: TWERK

54 Big party: BASH

55 Pedants' pickings: NITS

56 Some convoys have big ones: RIGS

59 Hack: LOP

61 [Facepalm]: DUH

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