LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "The Grapes of Wrath" family name: JOAD

5 Pay attention to: MIND

9 Havana houses: CASAS

14 Court legend Arthur: ASHE

15 On the ocean: ASEA

16 Pixel pattern: IMAGE

17 *Feature of Santa Claus' beard: WHITEHAIR

19 Kind of wave: TIDAL

20 Colorful birds: ORIOLES

22 Woodworking tool: ADZE

23 Arouse: PIQUE

26 Enjoys now and then, with "in": DABBLES

28 __ hand: HOUR

29 Skater's surface: ICE

32 Auditioner's aim: ROLE

33 Santa __: dry winds: ANAS

34 Chess pieces: MEN

35 Peaks: CRESTS

38 Polite address: SIR

39 *Out-of-control guy: WILDMAN

41 Primitive dwelling: HUT

42 Bothers quite a bit: EATSAT

44 Tiny ammo: BBS

45 Rocky Road holder: CONE

46 Italian peak: ETNA

47 Holiday veggie: YAM

48 Bridle strap: REIN

49 Many map lines: STREETS

52 Genre for the Village People: DISCO

53 Lipstick container: TUBE

54 Custard-filled pastries: ECLAIRS

58 Challenging tests: ORALS

60 Roughhousing, or a hint to both parts of the answers to starred clues: HORSEPLAY

64 Permissible: LICIT

65 Roused: WOKE

66 Roof overhang: EAVE

67 Signed: INKED

68 Church recess: APSE

69 Sometimes seedy loaves: RYES


1 Word with bone or breaker: JAW

2 __Kosh B'gosh: OSH

3 Tuna type: AHI

4 Routes that contain the letters in "routes": DETOURS

5 Half a food fish: MAHI

6 Golfer Aoki: ISAO

7 Actor __ Patrick Harris: NEIL

8 Took a risk: DARED

9 Op. __: footnote abbr.: CIT

10 Friendly: AMIABLE

11 *Bobbysoxer's footwear: SADDLESHOES

12 Staring intently: AGAZE

13 Monica of tennis: SELES

18 Bard's "before": ERE

21 Cutting talk: SARCASM

23 Temporary stage: PHASE

24 Ancient Greek region: IONIA

25 *Football field director: QUARTERBACK

27 Partner of raised, in bios: BORN

29 Copy: IMITATE

30 Cartoon frame: CEL

31 Finish no later than: ENDBY

36 Long, loose top: TUNIC

37 Courtroom staple, for short: STENO

39 Ebb: WANE

40 Corp. VP's degree: MBA

43 Metal marble: STEELIE

45 Lettuce keeper: CRISPER

49 Grey Goose rival: STOLI

50 Shroud city: TURIN

51 The "u" sound in "census": SCHWA

52 "__ Day": 1993 rap hit: DRE

55 Circuit: LOOP

56 Slow-moving boats: ARKS

57 "Now it's clear": ISEE

59 Normal: Abbr.: STD

61 Put down: LAY

62 Hail, to Hadrian: AVE

63 Cry of success: YES

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