LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Horse known for its endurance: ARAB

5 Fitzgerald specialty: SCAT

9 Block: CLOG

13 Lingerie brand: BALI

14 Sport with mallets: POLO

15 Now, in Nogales: AHORA

16 Big drink of water: SWIG

17 Mathematician Turing: ALAN

18 Actionable words: LIBEL

19 Game in which Willie Mosconi holds the competitive record run of 526 points: STRAIGHTPOOL

22 Guarantee: ASSURE

25 London district: SOHO

26 National summer sport of Canada: LACROSSE

29 Gambler: BETTOR

33 "So that's it!": OHO

34 Spills: TELLS

36 Coeur d'__: ALENE

37 Blemish: MARK

39 Fastening hardware: TACKS

41 __ Timor: EAST

42 Concert site: ARENA

44 Local life: BIOTA

46 Something to shoot for: PAR

47 Salad veggie: RADISH

49 Rock concert highlight: DRUMSOLO

51 Forensic detectives, for short: CSIS

53 Easier to swallow, as pills: COATED

54 Game requiring fine motor skills ... and what people do before playing 19-, 26- and a 49-Across? PICKUPSTICKS

59 "The King and I" group: HAREM

60 __ Tuesday: TACO

61 Sound partner: SAFE

65 Love abroad: AMORE

66 Sailor's direction: ALEE

67 Blue-pencil: EDIT

68 Recipe amts.: TSPS

69 Foxx whose real last name was Sanford: REDD

70 Lavish affection (on): DOTE


1 Six-pack makeup: ABS

2 Not even rare: RAW

3 Frazier foe: ALI

4 California coastal destination: BIGSUR

5 Extra keys, say: SPARESET

6 Soda order: COLA

7 Kyrgyzstan range: ALAI

8 Drinks table accessory: TONGS

9 Qdoba competitor: CHIPOTLE

10 Gray wolf: LOBO

11 Nabisco brand: OREO

12 Chutzpah: GALL

15 Tennis Hall of Famer Gibson: ALTHEA

20 Variable pace: TROT

21 Fireplace food-warming shelf: HOB

22 12-time MLB All-Star Roberto: ALOMAR

23 About 30% of Africa: SAHARA

24 Made a point: SCORED

27 Big piece: SLAB

28 Castilian hero: ELCID

30 Tempest site? TEAPOT

31 Reduced: ONSALE

32 Went over again: RETROD

35 HEATH Bar rival: SKOR

38 Fashion trademark of old-time golfer Gene Sarazen: KNICKERS

40 Covered with plaster: STUCCOED

43 Presuppose: ASSUME

45 One way to run: AMOK

48 With it: HIP

50 Talked back to: SASSED

52 Cool red giant: SSTAR

54 Cool, in dated slang: PHAT

55 Dog food brand: IAMS

56 Corn, e.g.: CROP

57 "Cautionary" account: TALE

58 __ tea: ICED

62 Big fuss: ADO

63 Tailor's concern: FIT

64 Summer in France: ETE

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